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    City of Westminster

    City of Westminster Council required 20 metres of granite kerb to be angled to prevent damage being done to vehicles as they pulled up outside a hotel just off Piccadilly Circus.  The newly installed granite kerb was intended to be flush to the road surface but drainage issues prevented this from being possible.  As a result vehicles were being damaged as they pulled up alongside the hotel.

    D-Kerb were able to provide a solution at very short notice and with minimal waste of the newly installed kerb.  Instead of having to close roads and pavements, restricting access to buildings whilst digging up the installed kerb and replacing it with newly imported granite from China, the D-Kerb solution meant the job was completed without disruption to businesses in just a matter of hours rather than days.  Chris Broadhurst of WSP Group service provider to City of Westminster Council said:

    “D-Kerb offered the solution of installing a chamfered kerb on an existing installed kerb. The great thing is we haven’t had to remove any of the installed materials to make this happen.”

    The partner contractor J. Murphy & Son were extremely pleased with the solution which ensured that the issue faced was resolved to schedule.  Ivan Farrell, Project Manager for J. Murphy & Sons was interviewed on site and said:

    “D-Kerb is one of the most innovative solutions to the issue we faced.  We had to get a dropped crossing in at very short notice.  They’re coming in to resurface the road tonight and D-Kerb were able to do the job in a couple of hours on a job that would normally take us a couple of days.”

    • No disruption to local businesses
    • Environmentally friendly with minimal waste
    • Quick and cost-effective solution

    • WPS
    • Westminster Council
    • J. Murphy & Sons
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